ABCD Alphabet Phonics Song

ABCD Alphabet Phonics Song is one from the various versions used to teach kids the alphabet. Alphabet songs typically recite the names of all letters of the alphabet in order.

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ABCD Alphabet Phonics Song Lyrics

A for Apple a for Ant a..a..a a..a..a
B for Bat b for Ball b..b..b b..b..b

C for Cat c for Cup c..c..c c..c..c
D for Dog d for Dots d..d..d d..d..d

E for Egg e for Elephants e..e..e e..e..e
F for Frog f for Fish f..f..f f..f..f

G for Goat g for Grass g..g..g g..g..g
H for Hand h for Hat h..h..h h..h..h

I for Ink i for Insect i..i..i i..i..i
J for Juice j for Jar j..j..j j..j..j

K for King k for Kite k..k..k k..k..k
L for Lamb l for Leaf l..l..l l..l..l

M for Man m for Monkey m..m..m m..m..m
N for Neck n for Nose n..n..n n..n..n

O for Ocean o for Oar o..o..o o..o..o
P for Plum p for Parrot p..p..p p..p..p

Q for Queen q for Quail q..q..q q..q..q
R for Rope r for Rat r..r..r r..r..r

S for Sun s for Sunflower s..s..s s..s..s
T for Tap t for Tub t..t..t t..t..t

U for Uncle u for Umbrella u..u..u u..u..u
V for Violin v for Violet v..v..v v..v..v

W for Well w for Water w..w..w w..w..w
X for boX x for foX x..x..x x..x..x

Y for Yacht y for Yellow y..y..y y..y..y
Z for Zoo z for Zebra z..z..z z..z..z

ABCD Alphabet Phonics Song
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