Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on the Bus, is an English version of nursery rhymes. The words and melody were first published at once by Verna Hills in America in 1939. Came as a perfect rhythm for every kid that was travelling in a bus as the song which is all about a bus having lovely passengers all singing […]

Ten in the Bed

A little teddy plays lots of tricks with the other elder teddy bears of the family and makes them fall from the bed one by one. He is finally left alone and feels very lonely. Ten (10) in the Bed Videos and Lyrics 10 There were ten in the bed And the little one said, […]

Are You Sleeping Brother John

Are You Sleeping Brother John is a famous English nursery rhyme and is generally known as Brother John. It is known in various European languages as German: “Meister Jakob”, Italian: “Fra’ Martino”, Dutch: “Vader Jacob”, and Polish: “Panie Janie”. Music was originally based on a French nursery rhyme and the song is traditionally sung in […]

Johny Johny Yes Papa

Johny Johny Yes Papa is one of the most famous nursery rhyme written in English language. The song is about a child, Johny, who is caught by his father to have lied about whether he is “eating sugar”. This song teaches children that it is not ok to lie to anyone. At an early age, […]

ABCD Alphabet Phonics Song

ABCD Alphabet Phonics Song is one from the various versions used to teach kids the alphabet. Alphabet songs typically recite the names of all letters of the alphabet in order. ABCD Alphabet Phonics Song Lyrics A for Apple a for Ant a..a..a a..a..a B for Bat b for Ball b..b..b b..b..b C for Cat c […]

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baa Baa Black Sheep, is an English version of nursery rhymes. The words and melody were first published together by A. H. Rosewig in Philadelphia in 1879.The rhyme begins with a question that is asking the black sheep whether he or she has any wool.In answer sheep says, yes sir three bags full of wool. […]

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